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SS 24 goes”Smart”

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A first for Scottish Sailing – The Clyde Cruising Club brings New Technology to Loch Fyne

It’s 50 years since the CCC delivered the first event and Scottish Series has been at Tarbert, Loch Fyne for the last 40 of those.

Laying marks for the yachts to race round is a big job and it’s made harder when the water depth can be up to 100 meters. So having the chance to try something new is an amazing opportunity for the event.

The CCC has entered an agreement with RS Sailing Ltd to bring their remote controlled ‘Smartmarks’ to Scotland for use in delivering quality Olympic style racing for their IRC Handicap and One Design fleets at the Scottish Series. The marks are towed to the required location where their final position is controlled remotely by GPS using battery powered electric motors. If the wind changes the Smartmarks can be adjusted, again remotely, to ensure the course is fair for the competitors.

CCC Commodore Geoff Crowlie said; “I worked with Jamie McGarry this year to deliver SS23 and having personally assisted with the provision of the mark laying equipment, I got first-hand experience of just how hard the job is in the deep water of Loch Fyne. So, when this years Chairman, Roddy Angus, brought forward the Smartmark proposal I felt compelled to see that the CCC delivered on it.”

Roddy Angus commented; “We have new challenges ahead…… things like battery life and connectivity replace severed rope and dud VHF’s. So, this is not plane sailing and there is much to learn. But we all agree that a successful deployment of Smartmarks is a game changer for the Scottish Series at Tarbert, overcoming the deep water and shifty winds it will deliver first class courses and minimise time between races.”

The organising committee are monitoring interest in the event before scoping out the racing structure so, if you are interested and may attend, please ‘register interest’ and follow us on Facebook.